Recent movies

Running out of time 2 (Am zin 2)

A nice cat and mouse game between a chief inspector and a magician.
The game leaves you until the end in the unknown what this is really about.
Also there’s a guy who is serious trouble because of his gambling habits,
its a nice lecture with him. Sort of a hidden lecture.

James Bond: Quantum of Solace

Whew the press wasn’t happy with this movie.
I have no idea why! I love it. It was great.
Good action, a little bit of humour and the strongest Bond ever.
The only “bad” thing was the song: a) it was at the end of the movie and b) the song was bad.
Its a must buy for me as soon as the DVD is out.

Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull

I finally had some time to sit down and watch the latest Indy-movie.
Its really good. It sticks mostly to the old movies in style and humour.
The only two things I didn’t like were the “cooler” in the beginning (that would have never worked XD)
and the ending were kinda nothing was left even thou they were researchers.
Why did “they” have to do it like that? All the precious history…
However, a damn good movie and I actually bought it in the 5 disc edition (all 4 movies plus a special disc).

Recent demos

On the weekend I finally sat down to play the last two demos I downloaded.

Star Wars: The Force Unleashed (Xbox360)

Pretty nice. Looks great. Controls are very easy and intuitive.
The bad thing in the demo was that in the tie fighter lounge it wasn’t clear
what to do. I killed all guys on the gateway and blocked the way of the tie fighters so they crashed into the
iron bars.
However, there was no way to go to and when I tired to jump at that ledge that looked like it would bring me to the other side
it was always like hitting an invisible wall and I fell down and died. 🙁
Apart from that side the demo was fun.

Too Human (Xbox360)

Awesome graphics, nice narration, good sound, interesting combat system.
However, the game got totally ruined with the non-present camera controls.
Why the fuck didn’t they include a simple camera control like rotation?
The way it is your always dependent on how the game thinks to move the camera.
That is extremely inconvenient when fighting a mid-boss like in the demo.
Pisses me off to no end. Its really a shame that developers can still ruin a game so easily
while camera controls itself should be standard these days.

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