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Because I got some spare time in the office I was browsing YouTube for some strips from “The Muppet Show”.
Found some very funny ones. Partially I had to hold my hands to my mouth to make sure im not blurting out loud laughing.
I love the Muppets, it brings back memories of childhood and are funny – no matter the generation.
I would like to share with you the two most funniest I saw that day, behind a cut.^^
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Warhammer Online (EU); 30-day trial over

My 30-day trial is over. I will not create an abo. It’s “War Over” for me at this point. I like the game yet there are issues that were driving me not to extend my account.

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Angelic Layer

A friend of mine gave me his copy of “Angelic Layer”, an anime in 26 episodes (in German).
Its really nice. The ease with which the story is told and how the characters grow is fantastic.
You kinda know from the first episode on where the story is leading but the Interesting part is the
way there. How would they make them meet? How could the main character do this or that?
Especially the last three episode are very emotional and I almost dropped a tear on the finale.

If you look for a not so new but fantastic story about dedication, friendship, love, promises and burden of a life
this is a good choice. Its an easy story but yet so fantastic to me.

Phantom – the Anime (OVA)

Tonight I watched the OVA from the Anime “Phantom”:
It is about a highly skilled killer called Phantom, a young girl.
A boy witnesses one of her assassinations and is pulled by the organization behind it:
Join us and become a killer or decline the offer and die.

While the actual series was for sure better (didn’t watch it) the OVA isn’t very good.
It’s a nice time killer but there is definitely better stuff. Some points in the OVA are really good
but they don’t live up to the real thing since there isn’t enough time in a 3×30 minute OVA for that.

The feelings of the two main characters, the human behaviour, their past, the organization
and the struggle for power of the guy behind those two assassins remains only touch on the surface.
There could be told so much more and more in depth. This would give the story and its end more emotional depth.

Is it worth the purchase? No!

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