Transformers the Movie

Two days ago I found on the table for the old DVDs the movie “Transformers”. A friend of mine mentioned its good. So I bought it. Im glad for cheap….

The movie was heavily disappointing.
You could foresee everything(!) that would happen.
The soundtrack was second to none.
Actor Shia LaBeouf (Sam Witwicky) was horribly painfull. The character too. Worlds biggest looser.
The story was lame and slow. The “girlfriend” was just a sidekick and a useless too.
Special effects and action sequences were good, slightly above mediocre. However, it was not enough
and by far not enough to keep the movie on some level.
My friend mentioned there is a 2nd movie planned for 2010.. oh my… I can only hope that the next one is way
better, faster and brings a story (that is worth watching).

My rating: 0/5


And yet another anime I purchased: Vexille

An anime from the creators of “Appleseed”.
In the future (~2077) Japan has become totally isolated.
A special group is ordered to infiltrate Japan and to lift the secret
of Japan’s isolation. It all ends in a disaster but the unveiled truth is shocking.

In the beginning a little bit slow on the story the plot remains simple but the shocking truth
that is unveiled about Japan’s isolation is almost unbelievable.
The showdown is nice and the music puts good pace to it.

I can recommend this movie, 8/10 from me. CGI-Anime at its best.

Full Metal Panic? FUMOFFU

I can’t keep my hands off anime DVDs. 😀

This time “Full Metal Panic? FUMOFFU” Slimline edition. All 12 episodes in a nice case, 4 DVDs.
Yesterday I watched already the first 9 episodes.
I laughed my ass off. Its really awesome. A very funny and strange sometimes cruel humor.
Top rating from me. 10/10. 😀

However, I wonder where the connection is to the normal “Full Metal Panic”. If there is any.

Infinite Undiscovery (Xbox360)

I got the game on launch day last Friday, Amazon was on time with the delivery.
Now I had my hands on the game for the first hour and boy am I disappointed.

Of course I’m talking the first hour only. However, the beginning of a game is important and is often the reason to keep playing or to stop at all. My personal opinion is that the game starts unfriendly, way too much confusing control information and demotivating progress.
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