Developers Conference 2008

I am currently checking the schedule for the panels at the Developers Conference 2008.

So far I have decided to attend:
– There is no such thing as virtual or real
– The making of Gears of War 2
– Panel: MMO Games
– The struggle of Independence and the making of Demigod
– Online games and online distribution

I’m still undecided on:
– Development Keynote: Future of Gaming Graphics
– Preparing for the Future

And then there’s trouble. There are two panels at the same time I’d like to see. I’m still not sure which one I should pick.

Parents Fear GTA More Than Sex And Alcohol

I was browsing the net and found this at

A poll on revealed parents are more afraid of GTA4 then of Sex and Alcohol.
Parents, Press, Education, self-information: Epic Fail!

Seriously parents: Your a shame for your generation.
Your afraid that your under-17 year old children, during a sleepover, could:
Drank beer 14%
Smoked marijuana 50%
Watched pornography 17%
Played Grand Theft Auto 19%

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WTF: Halo 3 Scoops Edge Award for Interactive Innovation

“At the Edinburgh Interactive Festival today, Bungie beat competitors such as Nintendo and Rockstar to win the Edge Award For Interactive Innovation for Halo 3.”

How retarded is that?

Halo 3 and Innovation? It is the same space shooter like back at Halo 1. The Online Mode is the most retarded I have yet ever played. It is just a sequel, not even a new IP.
Sometimes people in the games media think theyre that great reporters but have no clue anymore about what they actual write.
It is such a shame. There is no, I repeat no, games media (as in press) that I consider worth anymore. They are outdated and in my opinion at the edge of exstinction.
The only thing that keeps them in the talk are the horrible offensive scores they give, illogical awards and (knowingly) false headlines or making false statements about Interviews.

Blue Dragon

Last weekend I startet playing “Blue Dragon” (Xbox360).
The game has a very nice look and feel. Akira Toriyama combined with Nobuo Uematsu equals to awesone Art.

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Ghost Rider

Last night I watched “Ghost Rider” with Nicolas Cage.
The movie is nice, not a huge hit thou.
Some funny scenes, a simple story, even simpler action but still everything together made a nice picture.
The acting was decent. The movie was kinda a good introduction to the Ghost Rider.
I hope they make another one and pull it off for good. I think this has more potential.
Because I dont know the original comics I cannot estimate how close it is to the classics.
Worth a pickup. 😀

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