Highlander (Anime DVD)

Last night I watched another one of my new DVDs: Highlander, an Anime.
The story is about Colin McLeod, an immortal who lost his wife some 2000 years ago.
He still seeks revenge and is chasing the murder (also an immortal of course) trough history.
He survives war after war, trying to take revenge on that man who murdered his wife.
Either he fails in combat or destiny is making a cut. So his path of revenge keeps going on.
Only until he learns that a women he recently met is the reincarnation of his wife.

The movie is somewhat nice, no spectacular story but the animation is fine.
A decent movie that sometimes is just a little bit too easy to forsee.
Only the main character could have needed a little bit more tweak. Often in the story
he looks like being very weak and unskillful with the sword.

Not the best but also no trash.

Appleseed: Ex Machina

Yesterday night I watched a new DVD: “Appleseed: Ex Machina”, directed by John Woo.
This movie is a great work in the Anima/Computeranimation sector. Also the directing was great.
Some of the scenes clearly are John Woo style including the white pidgeons.

The action is good, some things are a little bit clichè and the story about some kinda “world domination” is nothing new.
Still I highly recommend this movie to anime fans. The orchestration of the plot is very good. I just can’t stress enough how good the action is in my opinion.
The movie also takes it time to introduce the characters and the emotional bonds between them.

What I didn’t know before I watched the specials is that there was already an “Appleseed” movie. I already ordered now the first movie. 😀

Lord of War

I recently bought the DVD “Lord of War” with Nicholas Cage.
It is an absolutely amazing and awesome movie. Don’t expect an action loaded blockbuster but
you will get served a very well written and brilliantly performed movie about the business of
selling weapons. It is not a moral approach. It is not really pointing fingers and still giving you
a feeling that something is “off” in this world.
The movie is delivering an intelligent story that is definitly worth watching.

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