Mass Effect: 2nd playtrough startet

Two days ago I startet my 2nd playtrough of “Mass Effect”. The first time I played I was always the nice guy, protecting Mankind and the Alliance.
This time I’ll go all out on being a Renegade Spectre. So far it is so much more fun to be an asshat to everyone, to take whatever you want, kill some troublesome people and press your “partners” for better deals/more money. >:)
I’m looking forward to some of the scenes/quests in the game and to see what different outcome I can pull off this time.

Also I just unlocked the Achievement for making 1.000.000 Credits, yay! However, what to do with the credits?
I don’t see the need to buy anything since theres so much stuff around everywhere in boxes and hidden places to grab.

Magic Knight Rayearth OVA DVD (CLAMP)

Seriously: Im used to higher standards from CLAMP.
The Story is a mixture of Gundam, Magical girl anime and “The power of three”.
Drawings and animations is acceptable but in some scenes below average.
Subtitles are inaccurate and the DVD at all is of low quality.

Its a nice simply story of hatred, love, eternity and deception.
Overall the DVD was a disappointment thou.


I just watched the movie “300”. Damn awesome!
The movie is playing around a lot with slow-motion and light dominance (the moon, a torch).
The battles are great. A slaughterfest. >:)
If you need great battles, cutt off bodypieces wrapped around a nicely told story then this movie is for you.

Mass Effect: Soundtrack

Today the ordered Soundtrack for Bioware’s “Mass Effect” finally arrived. The wait was worth it.
The soundtrack is really great. 37 titles are on the disc and all of them draw you quickly back to this masterpiece of a game.
Some tracks could have been a little bit longer or extended but that is the only point I have there.
The disc doesn’t come with anything special and the booklet is held simple but contains a wall of text. 😀

If you like game soundtracks in general or enjoyed the game then you should get this one.
Listening to the music again just made me to want another playtrough of the game.

Final Fantasy XI: Anniversary Ring

Like many others I got my Anniversary Ring. Nice little helper that is.
After struggling for quite some time to level my SAM I got hooked up by a DRG with a PL and we duo’d for hours.
Together with him I used 6 charges of the Ring.
The next day I got a normal Party and used my remaining charges of the Ring.

The Ring is empty but I’m happy now: Samurai 37 – Yay! And that in two days. Thats quite a record for me.
SAM is really fun and I might level it more after im done with my DRK, thats why I took on SAM in the frist place.

DRK/SAM sounds really interesting. Right now im Dark Knight 42 and im looking forward to 50 to get Hasso. 😀
Zanshin is also a very nice Job trait. Meditate will have to wait some time thou but it will be a big help.

Also got the “Bronze Moogle Belt” from the event NPCs.

What do you think about the Mog Bonanza lottery event? I got 40 tickets, using my mules of course.
Knowing my luck I will win: Nothing! xD

Linkin Park – Minutes to Midnight

Now im trough the third cycle of the 2nd CD I bought: “Linkin Park” Minutes to midnight.
Like usually LP have delivered a great album with two bonus tracks and additional content. Really good. Thats what fans like. 😀

The songs are all LP like but still differ. Good to see they still like to experiment. Only one of the remixes on the CD is not my thing, it sounds akward. ^^; (What I’ve done – Distorted remix)

If you like LP this album is a must.

One Republic – dreaming out loud

Yesterday I bought two new CDs. One of’em was the Album from “One Republic” dreaming out loud.
It’s fantastic. I love it. Theres not a single song on it I do not like.
The frontman has an awesome voice and the sound of this band is indeed for dreaming.
Doesn’t happen often that a CD/Band surprises and enjoys me that much.

Two thumbs up! I really recommend this Album.


I recently borrowed the DVD “Eragon” from a friend.
Most stuff I heard was bad stuff. But he claimed it would be a nice one.
Oh boy is that movie bad. The entire time you wait for something “really” to happen. Everything looks and feels rushed and incomplete.
There are lots of loose strings.

The only good scenery was at the “final battle” of the movie where there did some scenes quite good. The rest is in my opinion bad and not really worth the money.

The actor of the main character is a young one with the face a milk delivery boy. You don’t take anything from him. He is not able to sell his character to the audience. He’s boring and not authentic.

If you like “Dragon” stuff rent the DVD from a store before you buy it (if at all).

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