Final Fantasy XI: Wings of the distance

I just finished the book today.
A little bit disappointed I am.

The book itself and its story is very nicely described. The characters and theyre surroundings are good explained and you can kinda see it on your inner side.
Everything is in place and the classes are properly explained. The description of the nations and races is great. The most funny thing is Chitto, the Tarutaru Monk.

This book is in German. Thats where the problem starts: The translation of some places or areas is either off (sounds wrong) or is plain wrong. Next are the descriptions of the spells: The “Warp II” spell is causing a black/purple bubble around the person it is casted on and not some green effect. Burn is lowering the Intelligence of an enemy and not the attack/movement speed. Last but not least the Sword Weapon Skill based on Fire is called “Red Lotus” not “Lotos”. The author of the book has noticeably never played the game enough or experienced it in depth.

Still the story was nice even thou alot of pages were wasted on this “murder case”.
I’ll give it one more try with an English book. Hopefully thats a little bit better. If it is I’ll buy the rest of the books. 😀

Final Fantasy XI: Wings of the Goddess

Finally! Wings of the Goddess arrived last Friday. {/hurray]
Installation went quick and easy.

Accessing the new content is done in two parts:
a) Using one of the Cavernous Maw’s to jump into the past.
b) Walking a shitload of miles to your Nation

I must say: Getting access to the new content and enjoying the first bits is painful as it has been never before on an expansion. Gosh!
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Final Fantasy XI: Three man and a closet – Screenshots

This time I bring you screenshots from “Three man and a closet”. A very funny quest and all those who have not done it yet after my last post about it, maybe these pics will change your mind. Really, you don’t want to miss this. 😀
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Final Fantasy XI: Ode to the Skyserpent – Screenshots

Not too long ago I told you about this nice Quest series about the Skyserpent General.
Browsing trough my Screenshot archive I found out that I haven’t sorted it in ages.
So I’ll post now regulary funny pics and stuff from Vanadiel. 😀
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Final Fantasy XI: Wings of the distance

I just bought today a book. Yes, really, seriously.. a book – me!
The last time I read a book (except Business related stuff) was almost two years ago.

What I got? A book based on the MMO “Final Fantasy XI”. It’s actually the sevent book in this series. If this one is got I’ll get the others too.
It’s called “Wings of the distance” and has some nice drawings. It’s not a manga.

Once im trough with it I’ll leave my feedback. 😀

Final Fantasy XI: Invisible characters

Recently I was leveling my Dark Knight in Crawler’s Nest with a LS-Party and a PL. 😀
One of our members reported problems and wanted to relog. Since we had a PL we said she should just do it.
Off she was relogging and after a few minutes she was back. But she didnt rejoin. No, she asked: “Where are you guys?”
But we stood right in front of her where she left us. I was thinkng she plays a prank on us. She kept going on “Come out, this isn’t funny!”
Still we just were there, right on the spot. Our puller brought the next Soldier Crawler and now she said: “I can see the battle effects but not you or the monster.”
WTF? Did her client freak her up? Oh yes it did. She made a few screenshots and relogged again to fix it.
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Final Fantasy XI: Three man and a closet

Another wonderful and funny quest in Vanadiel: “Three man and a closet”.
This quest only involves cutscenes in Aht Urhgan Whitegate and I was laughing so hard. 😀
You can start it at NPC Kubhe Ijyuhla (Aht Urhgan Whitegate I-8).

You must have finished the Bibiki Seashell quest first since one of the NPCs must know you already.

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