Dead like me

I just finished “Dead like me”, Season one.
It is really a very good series. Funny, thoughtful, cheerish, dead.

The series doesn’t fool around with the “death” itself and takes the matter very seriously,
but sometimes from sarcastic or ironic angles.

My favourite episode is eleven: “The bicycle thief” – this one touched my heart.

I hope I can get my hands on more episodes soon. πŸ˜€

Final Fantasy: My life as a King

Today I had the opportunity to play FF:My life as a King in the Japanese Version.
Sure, I don’t know jack about JP yet but still it was fun.
Once we get WiiWare in Europe this will be the first game I’ll immedialely buy.

It looks really nice and cute. Controls are simple and easy.
There is alot of text and menues you can play around with.
Of course, after some point I got to my limit as to understand how or what to do and I got stuck
in the game since I just can’t figure out some of the menues yet. ^^;

The music is also nice and simple and fits the visuals.

I’m looking forward to it in May (hopefully for EU).

FFXI – Some progress…

Made some progress in FFXI the last few days:
– Mog Locker enchanced to 80 slots
– WHM hit 69 and got Repose
– DRK hit 40 and is to cheap for Absorb-DEX (can’t afford it right now ;_; )

I also camped with the LS Mysticmaker Profblix because someone needed the Moldavite Earring but we didn’t get claim.
Did also some good skillups on Club (189), Dagger (114) and Scythe (123).

However, i am still stuck on “Shield of Diplomacy” (ChimΓ€ra fight). πŸ™
Will order WotG this week since alot of my LS mates swear its great fun and the campaign battles are great and would reward good exp.

Lost Odyssey: Minor bug (Glitch type)

On CD2 you’ll arrive on the “Experimental Staff” site.
Just the first turn to the right side (inside the building) is a small bridge. There you can glitch into the ground.
Everything will look normal but your character will walk on the spot. You can turn, run or walk slow but your bound to the spot.
I did not find any way to get out of this. If youre trapped in it you better saved since you can kiss your progress good bye.

I tried running, slow walking, opening and closing menues in different way, endless walking but nothing worked.
Be careful on that bridge. πŸ˜€

Dead like me

Recently a friend lend me the “dead like me” season one DVD box.
It is great. Some crude humor and a very interesting view on “death”.

The main character is in my opinion a little bit too naive and has a long way.
On the other hand this opens quite many possibilities how to develop this

I’m looking forward for the seasons eclipse.

Archlord: Banned, follow up 2, GM resolution

Yes! πŸ˜€
I just received two more emails stating that my account has been reactivated since the investigation proved no hard evidence of my account buycbdproducts involved in any RMT activities.

Justice won! (Thanks Phoenix Wright^^)

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