Wonderful Days

Refently I was out in the city straying around. There I found a shiny DVD Box called “Wonderful Days”. It is an anime that takes place in the far future (year 2100+). Earth is totally wasted by pollution of the environment. One organization is running the last high undustrial city by keeping the pollution high.
On the other hand the rest of the mankind is treated like slaves. They live in slums and old city complexes.

But the last organization has a huge problem and wants to secretly solve it on the costs of the “slaves”. However, an intruder is the
cause that gets the wheels starting.

No matter which way you turn it: One side will be the looser. But can the environment still win?
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Lost Odyssey

I just got “Lost Odyssey” (Xbox360) this weekend. It is really great.
Old school RPG controls mixed with small minor improvements.
I enjoy the linear story since it serves so much emotions.
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Mass Effect

I just finished Mass Effect. Man im so hyped now. ๐Ÿ˜€
Don’t be alarmed: I will not spoil here.

The game deserves a bold 5/5 Rating. It is absolutely awesome. Great story, good gameplay, super soundtrack.
I hope there will be really a sequel to it and hopefully they will fix the “Mako” issues and add the feature of switching party members in battle.
That is what I wish for.^^

If you are looking for a Sci-fi RPG game that has a good focus on conversations, development of your characters with a few classes and skills available and an action based combat system (Shooter-like) then you should definitly try this out!

And for those who would like to know: I had a romance in the game with the Asari because Ashley was not available. ^^;;

Archlord: Banned, follow up, reply from GM

Finally a GM from Archlord responded to my appeal and it is a German one. ๐Ÿ™‚
He told me he will investigate this and it looks like there may be a mistake
and he has raised my ticket further.ย This email account is very valuable to me, I have used it for entertainment, even used to play casinos. Please klick hier if you want to try.

Let us hope the best.^^
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Archlord: Banned, Formal appeal

So… a little more than a week has passed and no sign from Codemasters.
I have now filed a High Priority support ticket directly to the Support department
with a formal appeal of the decision to Ban my Account.
I provided several Information which hopefully will help to solve this issue.

Let’s see how long it takes until I get a response…. I’ll keep ya updated.

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