Lord of the Rings Online – Shadows of Angmar –

Recently my 7-day trial of the MMORPG “The Lord of the Rings -Shadows of Angmar-” ran
out. So I thought of sharing my opinion on this game.
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24 – Season two

I just finished my weekend sorta: Finished 24 Season two, all Episodes in less than 48 Hours.
Startet at Saturday arround 1 p.m. and finished today on Sunday at 6.30 p.m. 😀
Damn it was fun…

I already enjoyed alot Season one but the second story part about Jack Bauer’s daughter was “not OK”.
Season two was even better. Alot better compared to Season one.

However, there are two things I dislike:

1. Again we have a second plot which added almost nothing to the main story. Again it was about Jack’s daughter. And again I felt it misplaced. Season two could have lived without it. I think they added it trying to push the drama and intensity of Jack tring to find the bomb and knowing his daughter out of danger.

2. The more and more season two comes closer to the finale again we have Jack as a “Lone Soldier” where he needs to break bones, rules and whatnot. Almost everyone else is throwing stones into his way while the obvious calls for supporting him. Still only two encouraged co-workers decide to support him placing their career and live on the line (in case they’d get sued for treason.)
Only at the final climax Jack gets finally some support which was really overdue.

Despite from above points the season was great and really awesome. I cannot wait to get season three to see how some of the strings conclude.

While watching this season one question popped up in my mind:

How far would you go…
How much would you place on the line…
How many lives are an acceptable sacrifice…
… to prevent the detonation of a Nuke in a city with a population of 10 million lives?

Spaced – Series one & two

I just finished watching straight trough both Series one and two of Spaced.
Fucking awesome, hilarious and lovely.
I’ve never seen before a series about friendship that involved so many “Oh shit!” moments paired with some of the best humor you could get. Running gags, slapstick, random events and totally insane made up insanity.


Too bad its so short. I wish there were more Episodes.
I hope Pegg and Frost do something similar again. This was great work.
In Series one there were already a few relations to other movies but they all topped it off in the second Series. So many stuff taken from other movies and taken over into the crazy quirky world of Spaced.

Anyone know where I can get some of the music used in the series? Like the themes from the episode where the whole crew went to a party in Series one?!
If you did not watch it yet: Get your hands on the three disc DVD set. Its worth every penny!

Hyperdrive: Series two

I just happened to finish the second series. Is there a reason why it is one episode shorter compared to series one?

However, series two rocks! Its way better then the first one. Awesome. I love it. 😀
My favourite episode is the final one: Convoy. Its just fun. Also the ending of it. I want more. Any chance for series three? 😉

The best single scene is where our beloved hairy captain is in his bed and commands his alarm clock to wke him up at a given time but the clock refuses. Then he promotes his backup alarm clock to primary alarm. Just a second after the lights went out the two alarm clocks conspire against him and he yells: I can still hear ya!

Final Fantasy XI – Quest series about the Serpent Generals

Hello citizen of Vanadiel

I recently met Fari-Wari at the Shararat Teahouse in Aht Urhgan Whitegate.
Quickly he draw me into business as his Attendant and I became acquainted with the Serpent Generals.
Of course he gave me a copy of his “Ode to the Serpent” saga.
Now I feel even safer and more proud to fight alongside the Serpent Generals to defend Al Zahbi.

Do you want to hear the story about the Serpent Generals? Go ask Fari-Wari for his novel and join in the quest series: Saga of the Skyserpent, Ode to the Serpents and Soothing Waters

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