Hyperdrive: Season One

I recently finished watching Series one from Hyperdrive.
Lovely isnt it?
It really has alot LOL moments! 😀
I admit its not the best comedy out there and Nick Frost could have chosen something better to use his talent on still its funny.

Spoiler Season One->
My favourite scene is where the captain comes back from this planet where the ruler and his daughter wear this huge red stuff.
He’s on the bridge still talking about “her” while you can see on the big screen in the back that his first Officer and the Security guy are blowing the guys up down there on the planet.
(*sniff* I was so hoping they’d meet again…)
<-Spoiler Season One I think i'll start Series two tonight. Not sure yet. 😉

Valkyrie Profile 2 : Silmeria

I just bought “Valkyrie Profile 2 : Silmeria” for PS2 this weekend. Damn its great, a really good and challenging RPG.
It got its share of complexity trough the set of Mythology and Theology about the northern god Odin, the Valkyries and the world of Midgard twisted in believing or appealing Odin.
Also the game brings alot of options how you want to create your team, the equipment which is an important factor in this game and the talents the characters can learn.
The special skills your team can later use are strong and very helpful and are alot of fun to watch too.

If you need a new RPG that draws you quickly into a world of mythology and an awesome story grab it. You won’t regret it.


I recently got the movie “Fido”.
Geez.. who the hell came up with this?
The movie is…. hard to find a word for it.
Smalltown meets Zombies.

The movie is desperately trying to be funny somehow but you’ll barely laugh. Most stuff is obviously and guessable.
Best part of the movie is the beginning and the “finale”. Everything else goes so slow in the movie.

The idea had great potential but failed miserably.
If your up for some easy Zombie stuff in a smalltown go for it.

Big nothing

Just finished watching the DVD “Big nothing”. A comeday that gets away with murder.

“Non violent criminal business.” … after a couple of minutes this movie starts to take this sentence ad absurdum.
The movie is crazy, the characters are jumping trough one loophole after another and it looks like there’s no end to it.

The final turn out is kinda unexpected.

Simon Pegg is awesome in this movie. His acting is great, his face talking storys.

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