Games Convention ’07

It was great, awesome, (almost) “naked insanity”.

First things first: As usual alot flesh.
What is the relation of games and sex?
So, yes “sex sells” even thou i dislike that relation.

My personal favourited titles are:

Stranglehold : DAS! nenne ich einen “must have” titel.
Timeshift : Solider shooter, hat Spaß gemacht.
Rayman Raving Rabbids 2 : Es geht weiter, witziger und wahnsinniger.
Der Herr der Ringe Online : Sieht wunderschön aus und spielt sich sofort flüssig aus der Hand.

You got long waiting lines for “Unreal Tournament III”, minimum of one hour. I did not go for it. ^^;
Similar situations for “World of Warcraft” and “Starcraft II” of course.

The most disappointing stand was the one from SquareEnix. Nothing, really nothing for the new FF11 addon “Wings of goddess”.
General information material was little, no infos. The only thing that looked halfway interesting was “Valkyrie Profile 2”.

Still i’m looking forward to next year. 😀

Final Fantasy XI – Leveling low level jobs and endgame exp

The way you can level in FFXi is dieng.
If you cannot speak japanese or can’t be online during NA peak time leveling low level jobs is almost impossible now.
Even on BRD68 or WHM69 i cannot get a party late the day (GMT Berlin timezone).
It became too hard and is no fun anymore.
But leave alone leveling a new job.
It is almost impossible for to get back all the EXP on BLM which i loose in Dynamis, Limbus, God fights.. you get it don’t you?!

Endgame resolves now around two major things:
– Getting the “same” EXP over and over again… on any job you use endgame wise
– Having a financial income (shared dynamis hourglass, Limbus detergent, food, RR-pin)

Im only still playing this game because i enjoy the missions, the storys of Vanadiel.
I’ll leave endgame aside and do less and focus more the last missions of ToAU.
If the new expansion is not helping the gaming or has a horrible story or missions that like ToAU are only coming by expansions every 4 months ill quit.
Thats not the way a game can be experienced.

FFXI is now like WOW: Item hunting, looting, showing off ya e-peen.

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