FF14ARR Screenshot January

I just started with Astrologian and I love it.


FF14ARR Screenshot December

Embarking on new adventures and enjoying the holiday season. Merry Christmas and a happy new year! Read more »

Dragon Quest Heroes Screenshots

Here have some Dragon Quest Heroes screenshots. Its quite a fun game. Read more »

FF14ARR Screenshot November

November was the month I met a visitor from Vana’Diel for a quick adventure. Read more »

FF14ARR Screenshot October

Happy Halloween from Eorzea


FF14ARR Screenshot August

This month I had some fun at the beach and enjoyed the fireworks. Read more »

FF14ARR Screenshot July

This month I got only one screenshot for you but it turned our very well. Taken during the dragons fate on the floating islands. Read more »

The FF7 Remake will not be your FF7

Not too long ago I wrote about the possibility of a FF7 remake or rather why it wont happen. Fast forward to this years E3 and everyone got a big surprise. But I remain cautious for various reasons.
Read more »

E3 hype machine

E3 was again a huge hype machine: a collection of expectations, disappointments, surprises, weird moments and hard to understand decisions. Here goes my mini-review of things that catches my attention. Read more »

FF14ARR Screenshot June

Screenshots for June. Random stuff. 🙂 Read more »

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